Corporate Payment Solutions

Focus on prepaid cards

Off-the-shelves payment solution

We provide a full range of payment solutions for consumer and commercial card programs to clients customers, channel partners, members and employees. We offer full in-house processing solution with 24/7 multi–languages customer care service for complete peace of mind.

Integrated Payment Solution

Cutting edge solutions like APIs & Web services are available for clients who require an in-house front-end service for integrating Cornèr Europe solutions with their own systems and processes.

Partner Sponsorship

We are able to provide Partner Sponsorship services for non-financial partners. We offer tailored payment solutions in order to meet your multi-national needs.

Full-Service Management

We support our clients from migration processes to production and support phases, while providing innovative solutions for reporting, handling and fraud management request and needs. Our full EU financial passport enables us to issue the cards in any European country using four main global currencies (GBP, EUR, USD and CHF).

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