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Private banks and financial institutions

Service excellence you can trust

For over 45 years, Cornèrcard has been entrusted by private banks, wealth managers, and financial intermediaries to issue cards to their U/HNW clients. We can do the same for you. Our payment cards give your clients straightforward and secure access to their funds - ensuring convenient access to their money at all times. Wherever they are in the world.


Does your Institution have a booking centre in Switzerland?

Visit our Swiss website to find further information about the support we can offer partners with international client bases and branches across the continent.


Why use a specialist provider?

In the past there were limited ways to offer your clients this critical but 'non-core' service. Options included recommending premium standalone card issuers - or investing in core competencies to manage the system yourself.


But for most private banks, wealth managers, and financial intermediaries, neither of these options were ideal. That's why at Cornèrcard we provide a card issuing solution that acts as an extension of your business.


You retain your client relationship, and we use our proven expertise in this highly demanding segment of the bank cards market. The result? An end-to-end card issuing service that is simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

Why Cornèrcard?

Streamline products and services

Our international footprint gives you consistent products and services across multiple jurisdictions.

Maintain control of your credit limits

You have the flexibility to manage your cardholders' credit limits, and complete control over your credit liability.

Support multilingual customers

Our servicing teams offer 24/7 support to your internationally mobile clients.

Remove fraud risk and budget

Round the clock systematic monitoring by senior fraud analysts gives you and your clients peace of mind.

Simplify your operations

We provide you with everything you need for simple, secure, and automated settlement. Our files are compatible with all banking systems.

Experience innovative banking

Give clients Apple Pay and real-time account access online and through our app, or integrate our API with your existing systems.

Our payment card solutions

Global Card

Our discreet Global Card branded range offers exclusive lifestyle benefits tailored to meet the needs of your clients - and unparalleled acceptance through the Visa network.

Branded Solutions

Your brand is a valuable asset. That's why we offer branded card solutions to maximise the reach of your reputation and customer loyalty.

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