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Make the most of your Global Card

As a Global Card cardholder you enjoy a sophisticated and intuitive experience designed for your everyday expenses, extraordinary moments, and peace of mind.

Your benefits

Comprehensive travel insurance
Complimentary additional cards
card24 app for real-time overview and control over your card account
Peace-of-mind shopping online with èID app
Digital Wallets


Priority PassTM

You and your guests can enjoy unlimited access to over 1400 airport lounges around the world with a Digital Priority PassTM.

To register and download your digital pass visit and follow the instructions.

Concierge Service

Our exclusive multilingual Concierge is available to you around-the-clock.

Let our personal concierge service take care of your every need from booking a world trip to finding a special gift. Register with the concierge here.

Travel Insurance

Access complimentary travel coverage for you and your loved ones.

Your policy will depend on where your bank is based so please make sure you select the correct document. Read your policy documents here.

Car rental discount at Hertz

Enjoy up to 10% discount on car rental rates.

Complimentary access to the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star program for Platinum Global Card Cardholders, and to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program for Gold & Classic Global Card Cardholders.

Additional cards

Receive complimentary additional cards for your loved ones and trusted associates.

èID app

Feel safe when you're shopping online. 

Strong Customer Authentication CEU reduces your risk of fraud and makes online and contactless offline payments more secure. The èID app uses sophisticated biometric technology and is available for iOS and Android devices.

card24 App

Get straightforward access to your card details wherever and whenever you want, giving you control over your card account. 

You'll also receive a notification after each transaction with helpful information such as your remaining balance.

Mobile Payment

Pay quickly and securely while you're on the go with mobile payments.

Your information remains encrypted and you have the flexibility to make secure payments from your smartphone or smartwatch.

Global Cards are available by invitation only. If you'd like to apply for a Global Card or explore the benefits of the full product range, please speak to your private banker.