Digital Payment

Mobile Payment: far more opportunities to pay with your Cornèrcard

You suddenly feel hungry while out jogging, but you’ve left your wallet at home? The train’s arriving but you’d still like to buy something to read. You’re at the checkout, only to find you’re short of cash? There’s no problem. You simply opt for mobile payment! Because contactless payment with your smartphone or smartwatch is convenient, quick, and secure.

Here are the advantages mobile payment offers:


You always have the right amount with you and you get all the benefits of cashless transactions – directly with your mobile device.


Hold your cell phone or smartwatch over the reader, authorize the payment with your fingerprint or your PIN – and it’s all done. In just a few seconds!


Your card details are not held in your device or shared with the merchant. Your data stay encoded and safe from prying eyes. Contactless payment is especially secure thanks to leading edge technology.

Discover the payment systems that Cornèrcard offers:

Apple Pay

Google Pay

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